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Sustainably Fashionable

At Merchant Tailor we want to help reduce landfill and clean our planet and oceans of damaging waste.


Merchant Tailor is a Cornish born company with design and sustainability at its heart, that operates from London, serving some of the biggest and most commercial brands in the world. We are creatives, problem solvers, and environmentalists. Evolving from design and production backgrounds, Merchant Tailor was formed, encompassing the ever-increasing awareness of the damaged natural environment, to lead the way in providing a new solution to branded product and marketing requirements. We are positively disruptive in the environmental approach to ‘circular economy’ initiatives. We are able to combine all aspects of our existing liner business, to provide a new way of thinking that incorporates recycling and up cycling solutions to creditable meaningful circular economy.

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Merchant Tailor are delighted to confirm a new partnership with Andretti United Extreme E ahead of their debut in the inaugural season of the Extreme E in 2021.

The sustainability apparel company will join forces with Andretti United Extreme E andwill be the team’s Official Apparel Supplier and merchandiser partner.


Merchant Tailor and Andretti United Extreme E have entered into a multi-year partnership as they take on the all-new electric series. The partnership with Merchant Tailor will focus on sustainable clothing production as all the team’s clothing will be crafted from recycled ocean plastic and organic cotton.

The five-race global voyage, which highlights the impact of climate change on some of the world’s most fragile ecosystems and promotes the adoption of electric vehicles to help preserve the environment and protect the planet, will begin in Saudi Arabia, before travelling to Senegal, Greenland, Brazil and Patagonia.


The Andretti United Extreme E team has been created by two powerhouses in motorsport – Andretti Autosport and United Autosports, who will combine their talent and experience to take on the world of electric racing in 2021.


Andretti United



Ocean Recycled,

Post Consumer

Plastic Products 


We specialise in high frequency (sonic) print for logos, which in our opinion gives a fantastic look. However, with several styles to choose from, and the option to be made from our ocean recycled fabric, we can customise every detail unique to your brand.



Completely unique to the apparel market, we now can offer lifestyle apparel made from

50% ocean recycled plastic and 50% recycled cotton. 

Available as blank options which we can decorate, we can also produce bespoke designs to your own specification. 

50% ocean polyester 50% upcycled cotton

It is unlike any other and yet it follows the classic codes, the stretchy fitting seems tighter, and shapes elegantly at any time.  It allows for the use of casual or more well-dressed situations.

50% ocean polyester 50% upcycled cotton

 It’s a perfectly fitted T-shirt. The fabric blend  adds more shape, which prevents it from curling and makes it feels extremely comfortable against your body.

50% ocean polyester 50% upcycled cotton

A luxurious lightweight crewneck, this is a loungy but still elegant fashion statement that adds comfort and uniqueness.  

100% recycled polyester 

With semi-tech qualities and great comfort, this wrinkle-free polo comes in a great fit, that will keep you comfortable throughout the day. with its wicking and quick-drying features.



Our canvas is made from 100% recovered ocean plastic. With many styles, sizes and finishes, including UV protection, this makes a great option to a brand collection. 

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With the option to be made from 100% recycled fabrics. we have many styles of backpacks to choose from. Alternatively, we can work on bespoke, custom designs for you. 


We specialise in high frequency (sonic) print for logos, which in our opinion gives a fantastic look. However, with several styles to choose from, and the option to be made from our ocean recycled fabric, we can customise every detail unique to your brand.



Whether you have your own designs in mind or not, together we can advise and create on how to fully customise every detail to make your product as unique as your brand.

Custom Design


Our system for a ‘circular brand economy’, encompasses traceable sourcing and production processes, where we up recycle materials like Tencel cotton and polyester garments and turn it into new yarns and fabrics for creditable new lines.

We work with you and our manufacturing partners to design a unique model of up-cycling textiles and garments taken from deposits or collections and put into our recycling. The garments are cut, shredded and spun into valuable new recover yarns and then into new fabrics. These are then made into long-lasting quality garments, for virtually every design and application in your range.

Like all garments, they will eventually wear-out, at which point they can be returned back to the up-cycled system, thus completing the ‘circular brand economy’  

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Introducing a new, sustainable fan merchandise collection with Formula One driver Pierre Gasly. All items in the collection have been made out of recycled plastic, collected from our oceans mixed with Organic Cotton for the Caps & T-Shirts and Stainless Steel for the Water Bottles.

Pierre has taken the move to help cleaning our planets oceans of damaging plastic waste with his own brand. We are proud to work with Pierre to support this cause.


With a history in providing sustainable products to the motorsport industry, Merchant Tailor has taken their knowledge of the markets, their eye for design and to launch its own brand lifestyle apparel 8SIX400 with Algarve Racing.


8SIX400, the number of seconds in 24hrs, is the chosen name for a motor sport inspired brand. Having worked with a number of Le Mans 24hr teams over the years, this is the perfect setting to place the brand, with Algarve Racing.


It has always been our ambition to start a brand in motorsport. With our resources to make sustainable products, the synergy with Algarve Racing couldn’t be more perfect, considering our apparel is made Portugal and our cap fabric from Spain. We supported the with team kit and accessories for this year’s 24hr Le Mans and hopefully into 2021…’


The team apparel kit is made from 50% ocean recycled plastic and 50% recycled cotton

The team’s caps are made from a blend of 35% organic cotton and 65% recycled polyester from the ocean.


As we moved towards coming out of lockdown earlier this year, more countries around the world recognised the need to wear face masks in public spaces. This is now becoming ever more evident. With the WWF, we believe that 100% sustainable non medical masks, not single use ones, potentially pose a threat to marine and wildlife habitats, are the way forward.

For the WWF we made available, in a unique panda design a mask for both adults and children, which are  are made in Portugal from double layered 100% certified GOTS organic cotton, fit snugly whilst allowing breathing without restriction.


To protect the safety of this product, we provided a recycled plastic zip lock bag, with full care instructions.


With our continued partnership with with INEOS Grenadiers, we supplied two sustainable products for 2020. 

Our now standard sustainable baseball caps and flat peaks, made from organic cotton and ocean recycled polyester, finished with high frequency print. 

Especially for the Tour de France, supplied to the team, our new sustainable tees, made from 50% ocean recycled plastic and 50% recycled cotton. 

INEOS Grenadiers

We our proud to have partnered with Ocean bootle to bring this extraordinary product to our clients. 

This award-winning reusable bottle saves our ocean. With the sale of every Ocean Bottle 11.4kgs of ocean-bound plastic is collected, equivalent to 1000 plastic bottles.

For something truly unique to your brand, a bespoke  branded Ocean Bottle is the opportunity to give your brand extra value in sustainability & style.

Available in 5 different colours, MOQ of 48, with laser engraving reveals the stainless steel underneath, make this a very special part of your collection. 

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